Wednesday, September 21, 2016

NX: "Multi-platform project: Home Console & Handheld with Interconnectivity"

This is what've heard so far about the NX from multiple sources:

Source 1 in EU: "Home Console + Go Controller"
Source 2 in EU: "Home Console is more powerful than PS4"
Source 3 in USA: "Home Console + Streaming features to the Handheld"
Source 4 in JPN: "DMP has won a design win, New DMP tech adopted for the Handheld"
Source 4 in JPN: "DMP has received the final go in august 2016"
Source 4 in JPN: "DMP design win for a future Nintendo device"
Source 5 in USA: "DMP Stocks will explode soon"
Source 6 in USA: "Games planned for handheld device for holiday 2017"
Source 7 in EU:  "AMD Home Console with on the Go Controller"

7 Different sources from different countries with different positions 
share the same info.

NX is a multi-platform project:

1. Home Console with GO/Streaming features
2. Handheld Console
3. Handheld/Mobile interconnectivity

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