Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Nintendo NL: "NX console still planned for March 2017 release, not playable at First Look 2016"

This is a part of a short Email Q&A with Nintendo Netherlands in regards to First Look 2016 and the NX release: 

Translation from Dutch: 

"Dear Sir/Madam, Is the Nintendo NX Console playable at First Look 2016?"

"Dear Mohsen, Thanks for your email. The Nintendo NX (Codename) will not be playable at First Look"

"Does this mean that the said Home Console will launch later than March 2017 in the Netherlands?"

"Dear Mohsen, that's not what we said. The NX is still planned for a March 2017 release. Even we don't have any more details than this/don't know more than this.

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