Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Multiple sources: NX reveal in October, "Reveal within days", 10.21.2016 is the possible date

Multiple sources: NX reveal in October, "Reveal within days", 10.21.2016 is the possible date

Source 1: 

The above message was sent to me on October 2th 2016 from a source who works with NX hardware.

Source 2:

The above message was sent to me on October 10th 2016 from a different person.

Other sources confirmed the reveal is indeed within 10-14 days.

The sources claim to have contacts at NOA/NOE and/or NX development studios.

FirstLook 2016: PS4 Pro, PSVR, XB1, HTC VIVE & Amazing Games!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Nintendo NL: "NX console still planned for March 2017 release, not playable at First Look 2016"

This is a part of a short Email Q&A with Nintendo Netherlands in regards to First Look 2016 and the NX release: 

Translation from Dutch: 

"Dear Sir/Madam, Is the Nintendo NX Console playable at First Look 2016?"

"Dear Mohsen, Thanks for your email. The Nintendo NX (Codename) will not be playable at First Look"

"Does this mean that the said Home Console will launch later than March 2017 in the Netherlands?"

"Dear Mohsen, that's not what we said. The NX is still planned for a March 2017 release. Even we don't have any more details than this/don't know more than this.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

NX: "Multi-platform project: Home Console & Handheld with Interconnectivity"

This is what've heard so far about the NX from multiple sources:

Source 1 in EU: "Home Console + Go Controller"
Source 2 in EU: "Home Console is more powerful than PS4"
Source 3 in USA: "Home Console + Streaming features to the Handheld"
Source 4 in JPN: "DMP has won a design win, New DMP tech adopted for the Handheld"
Source 4 in JPN: "DMP has received the final go in august 2016"
Source 4 in JPN: "DMP design win for a future Nintendo device"
Source 5 in USA: "DMP Stocks will explode soon"
Source 6 in USA: "Games planned for handheld device for holiday 2017"
Source 7 in EU:  "AMD Home Console with on the Go Controller"

7 Different sources from different countries with different positions 
share the same info.

NX is a multi-platform project:

1. Home Console with GO/Streaming features
2. Handheld Console
3. Handheld/Mobile interconnectivity

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Past Projects and info about my new iOS Project

Game: EdenCity Racing Free Edition
Platform: Android
Genre: Free Roaming/ Racing Game
Release: 2014

Game: Flappy Waisi
Platform: Android
Genre: 2D Platformer
Release: 2014

Game: Mini Astronaut
Platform: Web / Kongregate
Genre: 2D Top Down Space Shooter 
Release: 2014

New Game Project:
Codename: Rotterdam
Platform: IOS 
Release: December 2017
Genre: Open World / Free Roaming

Has been in development for a while.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Nintendo NX: Games i've heard about so far..

Third Party Games:

- Mass Effect Andromeda (EA)
- Star Wars  (EA)
- Fifa 17: Indirectly confirmed by EA on my public Twitter feed.

Pinkey Elefante: posted a video about it on my Youtube Channel days before the Developer confirmed it on Twitter

Also a post on 9th September 2016:

Developer post on 12th September 2016:


- Rayman NX
- Rabbits NX
- For Honor
- Watch Dogs 2


- Call of Duty NX

Nintendo First Party Games:

- 3D Mario (Could be a Super Mario Galaxy Game)
- Metroid NX (confirmed by different sources)
- Kid Icarus NX (could have been in development by Retro Studios but likely moved to different studio)

*I posted on the same day and 5-10 minutes before Emily Rogers that Retro Studios NX game was an old IP, Emily Rogers posted "Is a new IP". We both were confused. I later asked my source what he ment.

He replied: "It's not Metroid. It could be old, completely new or new IP".  Interesting note: The source contacted me after seeing my video: "Top 5 IP's that will likely make a comeback on NX"

A video where i listed 5 games:

- F-Zero
- Kid Icarus
- Wave Race
- StarTropics
- Metroid (confirmed by different sources)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Anonymous source: "DMP Stock price will soon explode again due to NX involvement"

An anonymous source expects DMP's stock price to explode again due to involvement in Nintendo NX.

"I follow DMP like you follow Nintendo, because the stock price will soon explode again"

Important note: DMP has confirmed to have a design win for a gaming device in Q1 2017, more specific 3/2017.

Screen Cap of the conversation. 

*Name and Company Email Address left out to protect the source.