Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Nintendo NX: Games i've heard about so far..

Third Party Games:

- Mass Effect Andromeda (EA)
- Star Wars  (EA)
- Fifa 17: Indirectly confirmed by EA on my public Twitter feed.

Pinkey Elefante: posted a video about it on my Youtube Channel days before the Developer confirmed it on Twitter

Also a post on 9th September 2016:

Developer post on 12th September 2016:


- Rayman NX
- Rabbits NX
- For Honor
- Watch Dogs 2


- Call of Duty NX

Nintendo First Party Games:

- 3D Mario (Could be a Super Mario Galaxy Game)
- Metroid NX (confirmed by different sources)
- Kid Icarus NX (could have been in development by Retro Studios but likely moved to different studio)

*I posted on the same day and 5-10 minutes before Emily Rogers that Retro Studios NX game was an old IP, Emily Rogers posted "Is a new IP". We both were confused. I later asked my source what he ment.

He replied: "It's not Metroid. It could be old, completely new or new IP".  Interesting note: The source contacted me after seeing my video: "Top 5 IP's that will likely make a comeback on NX"

A video where i listed 5 games:

- F-Zero
- Kid Icarus
- Wave Race
- StarTropics
- Metroid (confirmed by different sources)


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  2. I want games

    Star Wars
    FIFA 17
    For Honor
    Watch Dogs 2
    Call of Duty NX
    3D Mario
    Metroid NX
    Kid Icarus NX
    The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild

    I might get
    Mass Effect Andromeda